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Aural (Listening) Test Coaching

If you are learning another instrument and your teacher doesn't teach the Aural Tests needed for the ABRSM music exams, I can coach you in these important skills. I'll help you develop your sense of rhythm, pulse and pitch; teach you how to recognise different styles of music; help you develop confidence in those tests where you need to sing back to the examiner. You can book a course of lessons close to your exam, or (if I can fit you in) book one-off sessions when you need a bit of a reminder.

Theory Of Music Coaching

Passing Grade 5 Theory is essential if you want to be able to continue with ABRSM practical exams beyond Grade 5. I teach music theory either individually or in small groups at my home. Understanding the theory of music can really help you play better, and I take care to explain why you need to know what is on the syllabus and where you can use it. There are some really helpful books and materials available these days and I even sometimes use an iPad!

Piano Accompaniment

Do you need an accompanist for your music exams?

Or perhaps you're a singer going for an audition for a show or a course and want a run-through with a piano before the big day?

I can help you. Just give me a ring to book an appointment. If you can drop off the music a couple of days before our session it will be a big help but in "emergencies" I can still help you out in most cases even if I don't see the music in advance.

If you need an accompanist for your child's music exam, I recommend booking two or three sessions before the exam day, to make sure your child feels confident in playing with the piano accompaniment. It's a little bit different from playing with a CD (better!) so it's good to know what to expect. I can also make notes to help me bring out the best in his or her playing - the other advantage of a real, live piano player.

 Piano And Violin Entertainment

Book me and my friend Joanne Gould Smith (professional violinist and violin teacher) to play for you. Our wide repertoire of classical and popular favourites includes music suitable for weddings, funerals, parties and receptions.

 Contact me for more details or ring 01827 895326

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